Uneasy no settle trials iZoo

Izoo vr pic

Three months ago, in March 2017, Uneasy no settle became the first UK travel company to drop zoos. In April, we released the results of a survey in which 1,000 people who had visited zoos revealed their concerns about animal welfare and about claims made by zoos with regards to conservation.

This week, we invited Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, to collaborate with us on a project we are calling iZoo - a virtual reality zoo designed for the next 100 years. We've also run a very embryonic iZoo virtual reality experiment with some of our customers.

Here, you can see a customer "kayaking" with dolphins in Tasmania, while sat in our office in Brighton! Behind her, one of our friends and campaign partners, Dylan Walker from the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) acts as a guide, talking her through the experience, the type of dolphins she can see all around her and the conservation issues. Although just a very early trial, our customers' reactions are interesting. Without being told to they start paddling their "canoes" - giving a sense of just how real the experience is for them!

We are developing the iZoo concept as an alternative to holding animals captive in zoos for our entertainment. There are at least 2,000 dolphins held in captivity in small concrete tanks for tourism. We see a future with children being entertained, enthralled and educated about wildlife without these animals ever needing to be held captive.

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