Inspiration behind Uneasy no settle
Co-founder Justin Francis wrote his MSc dissertation on establishing a portal for responsible travel after being inspired by a village elder on a visit to Kawaza village in Zambia.
Anita Roddick
Launch with private investors including Anita & Gordon Roddick from The Body Shop.
First business in the world to talk about responsible travel, and first dedicated to promoting 'green', 'eco' or 'responsible' vacations on one site. Publishes traveler's reviews on their experiences and responsible travel.
Rainforest frog
In the years to follow worked with 100s of tourism businesses to screen them for the site, and to help them improve their policies.
Carbon offset
Offered one of the first carbon offset schemes in tourism.
Responsible Tourism Awards
Launched the world's first Responsible Tourism Awards
Had Enough campaign
Successfully campaigned to persuade Thomson Particular, Thomas Cook and MyTravel to publish policies for responsible tourism, with up to 1,000 people a day signing the petition.
Observer supplement on responsible travel
Published first national press supplement on responsible travel with The Observer.
Justin joined speakers including the founders of The Big Issue and Innocent Drinks to give a talk at the British Library on being an ''.
Cycling holidays
Annual vacation sales reached 4m.
Times 50 most influential people
Justin named one of The Times in travel.
Island accommodation
Offered 2,500 vacations from 270 tour operators - by far the biggest specialist green or eco travel business. Annual vacation sales reached 10m.
Awards magazine
Launched magazine to promote the Award winners - now the largest scheme of its type globally.
Conservation International
Formed partnership with to promote grass roots community tourism in developing countries.
Courvoisier Future 500
Justin named one of the .
Green travel audit
Published first audit of responsible tourism of the UK's biggest travel companies with The Daily Telegraph.
Michael Palin, Awards supporter
Awards attracted a record 1950 entries Michael Palin says 'the responsible tourism awards are one of the most important ways that we can learn to travel better.'
Community site iknowagreatplace.com
Launched a travel community IKnowAGreatPlace.com - "local secrets from a world of travelers".
Future of Tourism front cover
Launched a vision for the Future of Tourism in a special issue of Geographical Magazine and creates future of tourism site.
Published the 4,000th independent traveler review.
Carbon offsetting debate
Became one of the first travel organisations to remove CO2 offsetting, sparking a debate on carbon reduction with press in the , and the .
CSR report
Released first environmental & social
Jordan Uneasy no settle Guide
Launched first Insiders' Travel Guide to Jordan, with podcasts and tips from local people.
US flag
franchising-italia.info launched in the US, taking UK-based sister site Uneasy no settle's 10 years of outstanding tourism experiences to a new audience.
South East England
Selected as partner on the EU-funded South East Protected Landscapes project to promote rural tourism in AONBs and National Parks in the South of England.
Innovators shaping our creative future
Thames and Hudson included co-founder Justin Francis in their book of 60 global ''.
Lifted 10 year Burma travel boycott and added first Burma vacation to the site.
Our Land
Launched 'Our Land' to promote rural tourism in the protected landscapes of the South of England with EU-funding and endorsement from Visit England, Kate Humble and Jeremy Hunt.
Gozo guide
Launched Uneasy no settle Guides to Kwazulu Natal and Gozo.
10 years
Celebrated 10th birthday, growing from just 15 vacations on 6th April 2001 to almost 4,000 vacations in April 2011, and selling over $100 million of responsible vacations.
Travel like a local
Grew to over 6,000 vacations on the site and publishes the 7,000th independent traveler review.
Donated 15% of profits to charity between 2006 and 2012, on average.
Uneasy no settle site
Closed community site iknowagreatplace.com to refocus on Uneasy no settle.
Our Land
Our Land expanded to cover 16 protected landscapes throughout the UK and external published.
World Responsible Tourism Awards
Celebrated the 10th year of the Responsible Tourism Awards by relaunching them as the World Responsible Tourism Awards, with new categories and a People's Choice award.
Green energy
Moved to new offices in Brighton's trendy 'North Laine' and switches to green energy supplier Ecotricity.
California travel guide
Launched Uneasy no settle Guides to California and New York State with insider tips from micro-breweries to National Parks.
Orphanage tourism - not FOR SALE
Removed orphanage volunteering vacations from the site following concerns, sparking a conversation and coverage in .
Mini guides
Launched the first of many honest and easy-to-read 2 min guides to popular locations and activities.
Say NO to the orca circus
Launched say NO to orca circuses campaign with the World Cetacean Alliance to stop whales and dolphins being kept in captivity.
Helpdesk team
Increased our Vacation Helpdesk team up to four so we can stay open longer.
Sold more vacations to Cuba than all the vacations we sold in our first 2 years! (Other top destinations this year included Croatia, India and Japan.)
Responsible Tourism Awards
Launched the African and the Irish Responsible Tourism Awards for the first time, alongside our World Responsible Tourism Awards.
Accessible tourism
Published new teaching volunteer guidelines and launches a guide to accessible tourism.
Cycling in India
Sent Lyn cycling across India to celebrate her 10th year working at Uneasy no settle (she's our accountant and also keeps us in tea and biscuits so she's Very Important).
South Downs
Went for a walk on the South Downs to mark our co-founder Justin's big birthday (we won't tell you which one!).
Received our 1,000,000th vacation inquiry!
Travel guides
Published our 200th travel guide.
Trip for a Trip
Celebrated sending 1,000 disadvantaged children on day trips with our Trip for a Trip scheme.
Say no to zoos
Said no to zoos by dropping them from all our vacations.
Filmed Crowded out: The story of overtourism.
Travel Team
Increased our Travel Team to seven so we can stay open longer and help you more quickly.
Plastic free
Launched a collection of vacations where you can travel without single use plastic.
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