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Vicki Brown is a travel writer and editor, who has been at Uneasy no settle since 2013. Her first experience of travel writing was a blog she began while backpacking in South America in 2007. I was discovering ecotourism and really enjoyed writing about it.

After completing her photography degree, Vicki lived in Spain for over three years, working as an English teacher and later a graphic designer. Teaching then took her to Ecuador and Lisbon, before working on sustainable tourism development projects for USAID, including periods living in Ecuador and Panama, and shorter stints in Uganda, Namibia and the Bolivian Amazon. Much of this time was spent working with community based tourism cooperatives, writing content, taking photographs and doing graphic design work for tourist boards, national parks and environment ministries.

At Uneasy no settle, Vicki particularly enjoys writing about ethical issues: female entrepreneurs, elephant trekking, LGBT travel. The research is fascinating. You go in with preconceived ideas and then discover just how complex each issue is. Researching these pieces has changed the way I think about all sorts of things, and my job is then to communicate that. So many times, people then say, I had no idea about that. Its the kind of writing that makes a bit of a difference.

Vicki Brown

South America remains one of Vickis favourite destinations, and the urge to document is always strong. Even when Im on vacation, I always carry a journal, a camera, sometimes a sketchbook. Im always trying to meet local people, organisations, projects. I find it hard not to!

Vicki believes good travel writing should surprise people. There should be something in there that you didnt know. The idea of storytelling is important. Our travel writing makes the destination the character, with a personality, and it helps readers imagine what its really like there. I want to help people decide if theyd get along with a destination.

Travel highlight:
Colombia I had wanted to go there for ages, so I thought Id go and get it out of my system, but once I got home I wanted to go straight back!

Work highlight:
At Uneasy no settle, its been writing about Finland and the Arctic. Ive never been anywhere like that before and dont know if I ever will. Theres something surprising and magical about those places and they werent on my radar before.

Vicki Brown

Vicki has written for several publications, including , , and . She has also discussed animal welfare and wildlife conservation in and .

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