Lucy King manages the Human-Elephant Co-Existence Program for the research charity Save the Elephants. She set up a project which uses beehive fences (no mean feat for someone who is allergic to bees!) to keep elephants off of farmland owned by poor farming communities. She has a doctorate in Zoology from Oxford University. She tells us how meeting Bill Clinton was one of her high points, whilst climbing Kilimanjaro and feeling like she was ‘solidifying into an ice-block’ was a definite low! Lucy knows how precious every minute of her life is - collapsing with a cerebral aneurysm and needing emergency brain surgery was a stark remind of this for her. She remembers fondly her childhood spent in Africa, traveling through safari parks with her parents in a Ford Cortina with a tent and a camping stove.
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Conservationist, TV presenter and author, Saba Douglas-Hamilton lives in Kenya, running the Elephant Watch Camp eco lodge. She has worked with the BBC, presenting This Wild Life and The Secret Life of Elephants as well as the Big Cat Diaries. She is well known as the face of her father’s charity, Save the Elephants. Saba was born and raised in Kenya by her zoologist father and author mother and grew up totally immersed in African culture and wildlife. She has also produced, directed and presented a wide variety of programmes for the Musicy Channel and Animal Planet, winning multiple awards. Saba was also a presenter on the BBC Vacation full interview
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