Hazen Audel is a TV presenter, biologist, natural history guide artist and craftsman. Following the success of Survive the Tribe, his National Geographic channel series, Primal Survivor, documented his adventures living with and working alongside indigenous people in remote regions of the world. Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Hazen is a Kootenai and Salish Native American and Greek by descent. He founded The Wild Classroom, a non-profit online web-series offering teachers and students quality, natural history educational videos for use in the classroom and home. Here he recounts his brush with the illegal oil industry of South America and a hair-raising, near-death encounter as well as inspiring story of times spent fishing and partying with a local family on a palm leaf fishing shack in Indonesia.
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Inge Solheim is one of the worlds leading adventure guides. Hes been responsible for Prince Harrys safety in the Arctic and has guided many high profile individuals to the most extreme places on the planet. After an entrepreneurial stint setting up a video rental company as well as working in finance, we hear how ultimately, childhood days spent fishing, hiking and skiing inspired Inge to follow his passions and become a guide, traveling to all corners of the world on adventurous and remote expeditions. Uneasy no settle finds out why many people said he was stupid to follow his dreams and how his unfulfilled dream of traveling into space has led him to his current project.read full interview
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