Adventurer and film maker Bruce Parry first met the Penan tribe in the rainforests of Borneo during the making of his BBC TV series Tribe, broadcast from 2005 – 2007. For his new film ‘Tawai: A Voice from the Forest’ he revisits the Penan and finds out whether their connection with nature, and with each other, can help us all take collective responsibility for making the world a better place. Join us as we find out more about Bruce Parry’s new film and discover his travel inspirations, biggest challenges and what keeps him going if he ever feels like giving up.
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John is a wildlife filmmaker who has worked with the BBC, National Geographic, PBS and Musicy Channel on many BAFTA winning TV series including Planet Earth II, The Hunt, Frozen Planet, Life Stories, Life, Big Cat Diary, Springwatch and Yellowstone.
John is the author of The Shark and the Albatross, published recently in the UK by Profile and in North America in May 2016 by Greystone Books. Here, John tells Uneasy no settle of the challenges he faced filming lynx in northern Canada and the inspiration of working with David Attenborough. The best place he’s ever woken up? In a tent on the frozen sea in the Antarctic, next to a colony of emperor penguins!
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Leon McCarron is an Irish adventurer and filmmaker and specializes in long distance, human-powered expeditions. From his very first journey covering 14,000 miles in 18 months cycling by bike from New York City, to walking on foot through the Gobi desert in Mongolia in -30C temperatures, the only constant in Leon’s life is that home is constantly changing. Always on the move in pursuit of stories, he describes himself as an idealist and an optimist and thinks travel is an integral part of bringing about social change. We caught up with him along the way during his latest journey through the Middle East – the highlight of which has been watching the stars glow all around him in the Sinai Desert whilst his camel quietly snores next to him!read full interview
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