Malaysia undiscovered gems tour

“A tailor made trip from north to south Malaysia, taking in jungles, coast and island idylls. With a fair smattering of skyscrapers. With mix of public and private transfers, and one internal flight.”


Kuala Lumpur | Kota Bharu | Gem Island | Cherating | Endau Rompin | Pulau Besar | Singapore

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Everything is tweak-able, giving you the freedom to build a unique and personal trip for your chosen date. Upgrade your accommodation for all - or just part - of your trip, slow down the pace with few extra nights here and there or add a few more active adventures along the way.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Malaysia undiscovered gems tour


During this itinerary we use various low-carbon modes of transport, including boats, local bus, cycling, and train.

As well as this we also try to only use small-scale and locally owned accommodation which not only gives customers an authentic experience but makes sure that the revenue from this tourism goes to local families and communities who are the ones who need it the most.

Our responsible travel journey starts in our office in Brighton where we provide our staff with a healthy lunch every day, we also collect our food waste for compost so that it doesn’t end up in the land fill. We also try recycle as much as we possibly can and are nearly a paperless company. The paper that we do use in our office comes from the same company we recycled it with resulting in a closed loop system.

During your trek in the Endau Rompin National Park you will camp using only the equipment you take with you and the natural environment creating minimal impact of the surroundings and protected National Park.


Our local office ensures that all employees are well treated and that they exceed all the minimum requirements for salary, work hours and rest days. This also extends to local guides and makes sure that everyone directly working with our local office gets all of these benefits and is paid and treated fairly.
We advise all our customers on local customs and cultures in their travel documentation. This includes information about how to dress appropriately, respecting the local culture and also the local religion in Malaysia so that our customers can travel in a responsible way.

We believe in putting people first, and provide lots of benefits to our staff members in the UK to enhance their work and personal life, such as participating in the ride to work scheme, and providing discounts for local fitness centres and holistic therapies, and best of all a healthy free lunch – every working day!

In Kota Bharu you will get to learn paint traditional Batik paintings by local artists which you will get to take home with you. You will also get an insight into the traditional village life of Malaysia as Kota Bharu is one of the more traditional areas still left on the peninsular.

In Kuala Lumpur we support a local soup kitchen which customers can make a donation to when booking their trip. The soup kitchen supports the homeless community in the city using donated food from local people. You can also visit the soup kitchen in Kuala Lumpur and volunteer for the day, you just need to let your travel specialist know and they can make sure it falls on a suitable day to visit.

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