Cuba nature and culture tour with turtle viewing

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2018: 5 Aug

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cuba nature and culture tour with turtle viewing


This trip financially supports sea turtle conservation efforts at the second most important nesting beach in the country. The turtle activities include going to the nesting beach and assisting researchers in collecting data, including measuring the turtles, counting the eggs, and other tasks as needed. Researchers are careful that the group does not impact the turtles or nesting activities. We have helped to save more than 100,000 hatchlings at this beach through our trips over the past four years in partnership with local researchers.

To reduce waste, travelers should bring reusable water bottles which will be filled from large bottles of filtered water. Energy and water conservation is encouraged and the resort we stay at uses solar for hot water heating. We often organize trash clean-ups along the beach as well if time permits. Restaurants that use organic and/or locally grown food are emphasized as much as possible and Cuba is the world’s leader in organic and urban farming.


We use local guides who earn fair wages through tourism compared to people who work for the government. Wherever possible, we use privately-owned restaurants, stores, and other businesses. Our trips go to little visited parts of the country, helping to spread the economic benefits widely to underserved communities. We also hire local experts to participate in activities and pay them a fair wage for their time.

This trip also includes significant interaction with the Cuban people, including an exchange with a community organization, a visit to an urban organic farm that does significant community outreach, and activities with local experts on history, architecture, and a private performance from one of the country’s most prominent music groups.

Participants are encouraged to purchase locally made souvenirs at several locations and also can participate in the turtle research, helping biologists to collect data. We also encourage beach clean-ups to reduce plastic waste in turtle habitat.

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