Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal
    US $1,226
    excluding flights
    Memorable parts? The beautiful Himalayan scenery and the friendliness of fellow trekkers and guides. Tips? Make sure you have thick clothes for the day at Base Camp, appropriate medicine for Acute Mountain Sickness, and bring lots of energy snacks. Local benefits? Yes, the trek made a point of minimal environmental impact and had a good reputation as a fair employer for guides and porters. Overall rating? Absolutely fantastic! (more)Alexander Taylor
    Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh vacation in Vietnam
    US $1,028
    excluding flights
    Sailing through the Mekong Delta; tasting the multitude of street food in Hanoi and touring around on the back of a motorbike in Hue were the most memorable parts of our vacation! (more)Sue Macdonald
    The tour was an absolutely great way to see Vietnam in a short period of time. The boat trip in Halong Bay exceeded our expectations of comfort. (more)Sophie Hudson
    Every day brought another great experience however, the highlight for me was visiting the coconut gardens in the Mekong Delta...5 stars. I absolutely loved the places we visited (more)Alison Fairweather
    Biking vacation in Cuba, 7 days
    US $1,032
    excluding flights
    The whole vacation was amazing. I particularly enjoyed visiting a mixture of locations, both the locations where tourist normally visit and some 'off the beaten track' authentic Cuban locations. (more)Peter Gale
    Cycling the Cuban countryside was memorable (more)Juliet Campling
    A great experience. The second week traveling east of Havana is a new trip and needs some adjustments to the itinerary to make it even better. (more)Graham Thom
    Rajasthan tours, India
    US $1,148
    excluding flights
    The main part of the vacation was great, with a very well balanced itinerary, and we had a brilliant guide. The most exciting things were catching a first closeup sight of the Taj Mahal and seeing tigers in Ranthambore. (more)Chris McCallion
    Seeing tigers in Ranthambore National Park- yes two less than twenty feet away. I had no expectations of seeing so to come across one resting beside the track who was then joined by another was amazing. (more)Charmian Hobbs
    Don't hesitate to book. Just go! It was amazing. The operator uses local transport, including trains. The hotels were small businesses and not part of large world wide chains. Our group was a mix of ages from 20 year olds to over 60's so it is suitable for all wanting to experience India. (more)Kathryn Heirons
    Colombia vacation, small group
    US $1,540
    excluding flights
    Okay if you like hikes in the wilderness. Everyone needed tipping; it would be helpful to give an indication of the extent of tipping, so that the trip could be properly budgeted and costed. (more)Felicity Benson
    All of it was memorable with amazing sights and some wonderful weather at the coast. An excellent trip with an excellent guide in Juan Se - would recommend. (more)Trish Standaloft
    The lush, beautiful scenery in the South of Colombia was the most memorable parts. (more)Stevie Bishop
    Bolivia and Peru tour
    US $4,707
    excluding flights
    TOP! For landscapes and meetings with locals (more)Guy Vergères
    My vacation was good because Bolivia offers stunning landscapes however, the operator could make this journey even more unique... (more)behice ertenu
    Most memorable? Inca Trail! Making it and seeing Machu Picchu. (more)Rachel Carbonell
    Marine conservation in Belize
    US $1,330
    excluding flights
    The most memorable part of the vacation was diving in a downpour. It wasn't scary, just interesting. (more)Brian Benner
    All of it was pretty amazing. I didn't realize how small the island was and I loved it. Being able to dive 3 times a day and get to know the local marine life, while learning about it was my favourite. (more)Irina Tyshkevich
    Being on the tropical island, 28miles from the land, with only 25 people, immersed I nature and conservation project. Didn't miss civilization at all. (more)Sanya Ozic
    Madrid to Marrakech vacation
    US $2,220
    excluding flights
    The most memorable moment was being in the square in Marrakech in the evening. (more)Leslie Lessenger
    From Salamanca in Spain to Coimbra in Portugal to the end of the experience in Marrakesh, all was just beautiful and nutritius. I keep great memories of the trip, thank you! (more)Patricia Deza
    Great experience, great food and great like minded people. (more)Jan Tydde
    Wildlife sailing holiday in Scotland
    excluding flights
    Having a seal follow us whilst out zodiac went ashore was memorable. Watching an otter fishing was also good. So was the whisky tasting. (more)Jill Brasch
    We loved it, quite different from our usual sort of vacation. We were well looked after. (more)Elaine Bowdery
    The most memorable part of the vacation was... life aboard an authentic, well-looked after and wonderful small ship! Seeing plenty of wildlife and plotting our navigation routes each evening and morning before traveling throughout the Hebrides. (more)Victoria Hawksworth
    Luxury yurt accommodation in Lanzarote, Canary Islands
    per accommodation per night (sleeps 2)
    Being able to walk to a great family beach (Arrieta) with spanish vacationmakers mainly. Our teenagers felt free to go swimming, body boarding & surfing. After a day of swimming or discovering the island it felt good to come back to the Eco Cabin with its pergola and small garden with fruit trees (fig, orange, mango, apple). (more)Sophie Nelson
    It is a wonderful place for a family vacation with small children and a great place to recharge your batteries. (more)Alison Brookes Day
    Fabulously relaxing, beautiful island, relaxed yet very responsive hosts. A great experience...Great for kids with donkey rides, missions to collect eggs every day, and to hang out with other kids on the communal trampoline, pirate boat and playground. (more)Michelle Levene
    Inca Highlights, adventure tour
    US $2,132
    excluding flights
    Most memorable were horse riding on the hills above Cusco, Cusco itself a beautiful city, the floating reed island and most certainly the time on the island with local family, I loved their way of life and their hospitality. (more)Ruth Stanley
    Swimming in the Amazon, learning about the jungle and meeting a Shaman, Salsa dancing in Cusco, staying with a local family in Armanti and folk dancing to traditional music, the colours, textiles and crafts, music, food and drink (more)Amanda Whittington
    Unforgettable experience. Cusco and Machu Picchu were the highlights. (more)Maitane Zubiaurre
    Sri Lanka small group tour, a food adventure
    US $1,616
    excluding flights
    Most memorable part of the vacation: Our guide Asanga who has to be one of the best guides in the world. The people we shared the vacation with & the people we met in particular the cooking we did in their homes, some very humble. (more)Diane Graziano
    This tour brings you to people’s homes to cook and that is the best part. That, and the train ride through the green hills make up my favourite parts :)Moreover, you see Sri Lanka’s highlights such as the hill country, tea plantations,(cave) temples, colonial history and beaches. (more)Juul van Hoof
    Undoubtedly the most memorable and exciting part of the trip was the food, Sri Lankan food is spicy, flavourful and delicious. (more)Smita Shah
    Self guided walking vacation in France
    excluding flights
    The most memorable part of the vacation was the wonderful hosts and food (more)Ruth Anderson
    Peter and Carolynn source as much as they could locally, especially the wine. (more)Dorothy Penny
    Excellent ! Friendly welcoming hosts, good accommodation and great food and drink. The vacation had all the best elements of a home stay with friends. (more)Keith Mahony
    North India cultural tour
    US $949
    excluding flights
    Camping in the desert was great. Varanasi was a very spiritual experience. And Udaipur was a very lovely city...The best vacation I've had. Thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable guide, a lovely group and a fantastic itinerary. (more)Graeme Stokes
    Jaisalmer was the most memorable part. (more)Estella Lianne Gentle
    The most memorable was Ranthambore where we saw a tiger and a leopard as well as a host of deer and birds. (more)Catherine Hogan
    Jordan vacation, small group
    US $1,040
    excluding flights
    Overall, I was awed by this trip! Each place we visited was memorable in it's own right with a wealth of history and information....It was excellent! (more)Helen O
    Mostly excellent. 8/10 (more)Janet Campbell
    Jordan is amazing and nothing can take from that. But the experience with the operator was a great disappointment and I wouldn't risk using them again. If it hadn't been for such a nice group this vacation would have been a disaster. (more)Kate Reid
    Women only tours to Iran
    US $2,306
    excluding flights
    We loved visiting bazaars, cafes and restaurants, historical sites, museums, mosques, and ancient cities, but also the cookery classes, village home stay, overnight sleeper train - and perhaps most of all - experiencing the warmth and friendliness of the Iranian people. (more)Elizabeth Archer
    Sitting among hundreds of geladas in the Simien Mountains was particularly memorable. Walking in those lovely mountains was also great. The castles of Gondar were gorgeous. (more)Claudia Flisi
    Mexico, Belize and Guatemala vacation
    US $949
    excluding flights
    Fantastic. My teenage, and somewhat well-travelled children have rated it as the best vacation ever. (more)Alex Holmes
    The morning spent at Tikal in Guatemala was excellent. This activity is definitely best done in the early morning light as it gets very warm and less pleasant to walk in the jungle after 10am. (more)Diana Urbina
    Central America small group tour
    US $2,635
    excluding flights
    Memorable parts? Snorkelling in Caye Caulker, Belize, was an amazing experience! Nurse sharks, stingrays and turtles, not to mention oodles of brightly coloured fish, seemed completely oblivious to our presence, and Hol Chan Marine Reserve, with its dazzling array of corals and fish, was stunning. What a fantastic day! Just as good, but for different reasons, was the memorable Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave - wading through water; scrambling up, over and under rocks; and marvelling at the... (more)Laurie Munslow
    French Alps self guided walking holiday
    excluding flights
    We had a fantastic time staying in Samoens... The walking was amazing at this time of year: alpine meadows, wildflowers, waterfalls, and glacial landscapes, and not too challenging: we ranged between 500m and 970m ascent in a day. We went rafting on the Giffre on our day off, which was also great. (more)Ross Carne
    Superb walking country (more)Christine Ansons
    Varied expertly guided walks through magnificent scenery (more)Jon Hargreaves
    Andalucia self guided walking vacation, Spain
    per accommodation
    Hard to choose between seeing the most spectacular sunrises from my terrace with a pot of coffee or standing on a high point on a nearby hill, able to see the sea on the horizon and the lunar landscape and mountains to my left. (more)Briony Turner
    The highlight was the spectacular walks offering such amazing views. During our 5 days in Lubrin we did three of the long walks and we thoroughly enjoyed walking through the foothills as well as high in the mountain tops, just stunning. (more)Annette Easton
    Excellent....The hiking and the views were first rate the accommodation was charming, clean and convenient. (more)Mak Kubeisy
    Turkey small group tour
    excluding flights
    Excellent....The sunrise balloon ride over Cappadocia plus the serenity of Anzac Cove at Gallipoli (more)Jennifer Easson
    Ephesus - an incredible place (more)Anon
    Balloon flight was wonderful. (more)David Horan
    Spain small group vacation
    US $3,024
    excluding flights
    Memorable parts? So many things, but the hike in Ronda what so memorable-- watching the light change with the sun rise, all the fruit trees we strolled through and the stunning view of the walled city. The chance to shop for and make Paella in Valencia was also a huge hit. Exploring the food and drink in the back alleys of Seville was wonderful too. The Alhambra was spectacular. Wandering through the orange trees in the gardens of the Moorish palaces was so special. Tips? Travel... (more)Barbara Harrison
    Vienna to Budapest tour
    US $2,184
    excluding flights
    The most memorable for me was waking through the sandstone canyons in the Teplice National Park. (more)David Simpson
    I loved the Czech Republic in particular and also walking in the Tatra mountians. I will be telling everyone that if they want to ski they should try Slovakia as a skiing destination. Cesky Krumlov and Prague are the most fascinating cities and I will definitely be returning to visit them again. (more)Helen Spooner
    Well thought out - good mix of free time and planned activities. V.good trip notes and information - really useful for planning what to see and how to get there. (more)fenella williams
    Cambodia six day tour
    US $1,088
    excluding flights
    All of (the vacation was memorable) but I guess the best was Ankor Wat and the hidden 5th entrance which was really interesting as no-one apart from our small group saw this. (more)Barry Everitt
    Excellent! Cambodia is a great place to visit and we were looked after with great care and attention - and had lots of laughs. Our guide was particularly keen to emphasise the use of local expertise and the emphasis on supporting environmental projects. (more)Richard Evans
    It was all good - I enjoyed meeting the group, the tour guide and also the different part of the vacation. The killing fields were thought provoking. The temples of Angor amazing in so many different ways. (more)Elizabeth Carmichael
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