Cycling vacations in Europe travel guide


Europe is covered in paved paths, quiet roads and off the beaten tracks with shaded pine forests and ancient vineyards providing just a couple of scenes to soak up whilst on tour. Family, small group and self guided cycling vacations in Europe offer equally well-organised itineraries with expert back up and luggage transfer included as well as a choice of leisurely or challenging distances and gradients. Although France and Italy do offer infinite undulating options for cyclists, pedal a little further into Catalonia and Andalucia, along the Dalmatian Coast or around the shores of Lake Skadar, on the borders with Montenegro and Albania, and youll find an incredible variety of routes amongst some absolutely stunning scenery. Mountain biking and archaeological sites in the Peloponnese; exploring spirituality whilst cycling the Camino de Santiago; cycling the wine routes of Spain, France and Croatia; as our cycling vacations in Europe guide reveals, theres more than one way to get from A to B and a bicycle lets you explore further than on foot and without the windows.

Is a cycling vacation in Europe for you?

Uneasy no settle recommends

Do go on a cycling vacation in Europe if

you like being active outdoors. Lets face it, this is an activity break so dont expect to be lazing about with a copy of the latest Dan Brown all day, every day.
youre looking forward to learning. Even self guided cycling vacations give you a step up from pure independence with excellent maps and route notes to help you find out more as you travel.
be prepared is still your motto. Sudden storms, flat tyres, sheep in the road; if you can keep smiling as you unpack your mac or puncture repair kit then a cycling vacations for you.
you can handle a few raised eyebrows. Turning up at a remote village on two wheels can be quite the event for local people so be prepared to chat bikes, distances and whats in your saddle bags.

Dont go on a cycling vacation in Europe if

you struggle to cycle a mile or more. Be honest and get in some practise over at least 10km before signing up for even a leisurely cycling vacation.
you dont do mornings on vacation. Early starts can be essential for avoiding midday heat and allowing for every eventuality to take place throughout the day.
youre too cool for school. Sun tan cream, bike helmets, Vaseline and keeping hydrated; gambling with health and safety whilst cycling is definitely not advisable. And no wheelies either!
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Written by Chris Owen
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