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Indias Golden Triangle refers to three prestigious points in Northern India: New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which do indeed form a triangle on the map. Flying into New Delhi, the capital, then to Agra in Uttar Pradesh state, and onto Jaipur in Rajasthan. This is a country that certainly is far from grim up North: the majesty of Mughal architecture, from the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Red Fort in Delhi, to the palatial prettiness of the Rajput in Jaipur is inimitable.
I was so glad that I tagged a tiger safari onto my golden triangle trip. The architecture is extraordinary, but will probably always be there. The tigers might not be
You can hardly move for UNESCO World Heritage Sites although taking trains, rickshaws and even cycling between them is a great way to move through them. The ultimate Grrrrrreat thing to do, of course, is to see tigers in the wild en route. Because this Golden Triangle isnt short on karats.
The Golden Triangle is/isn't...

The Golden Triangle is...

a way to see Northern India's wonders if you only have a week.

The Golden Triangle isn't...

just a triangle. Think of it in 3D, and you have more of a prestigious, packed-to-the-brim pyramid.

What we rate & what we don't


Off the beaten track

Golden Triangle vacations are, by their very nature, very much


Although a major point on the Triangle, it is often


A region of Rajasthan often included on Golden Triangle tours

Art & artisans

The Golden Triangle is falling down with tourist tat, but

Small group tours

Especially if this is your first time in India, joining

Taj Mahal

Everyone sighs at the love story behind the Taj Mahal.


Known as the Pink City, thanks to its magnificent sandstone

Agra Fort

The city isnt great, but the red sandstone fort certainly

Elephant riding

It is a tempting way to get around Agra or

Getting hung up on poverty

It is a tired old clich and a misconception that

Tiger frenzy

From the Taj to tigers, many include Ranthambore National Park,

Exploitation of children

The sexual exploitation of children is a reality in India

Food, shopping & people

Eating & drinking in the Golden Triangle
Delhi is the place to eat fantastic street food, otherwise known as chaat. One of Delhis signature dishes is nihari, a spicy meat broth served with tandoori rotis or khameeri rotis.
Get to know your thali, which are a bit like Indian tapas. All small bowls of deliciousness
In Rajasthan, the main staple is dal baati chura, lentil dal served with bread, or baati.
The famous butter chicken recipe originated in Delhi restaurant by accident, when the chef tossed in the wrong sauce. Its everywhere now at restaurants or roadside dhabas.
People & language
Hindi is the main language in Northern India and the Golden Triangle region, although English is taught in most schools, and is widely spoken or understood. But people travel to work in the north from all over India, a country with 21 other official languages. Rajasthani is spoken by older people in Rajasthan.
Namaste is the common Hindi greeting for hello; however Ram, ram is often used in Rajasthan instead.
Dhanyavad (Hindi) = thank you, although it is not used commonly, because kindness is seen as a given. And indeed it is given, over and over.
In Delhi, the lassis are mostly Punjabi, because half of the population is from Punjab. A bit like a frappe, it is made with whey and curd mixed into cow butter, and lots of ice.

Our top India Golden Triangle Vacation

Golden Triangle with Ranthambore tour, India

Golden Triangle with Ranthambore tour, India

Brilliant experiences including Tigers and Temples

From 1149 11 days ex flights
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Gifts & shopping
In Rajasthan, check out splendid textiles designed by hand using wooden blocks.
For high quality handicrafts, state emporium Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Delhi is a must.
Hand lacquered products from bowls to bangles originate in India. The lac insects that secrete the main ingredient are indigenous to India.
Check out Rajasthans famous blue pottery, with Persian origins.
Seek out mojri leather slippers in Jaipur. For something a bit different, kites are big in Jaipur.
Shop til you drop in India. But remember, if you want to donate things like medications and toiletries on your travels, you can also buy them locally. Win win.
What does it cost?
Tourist pass to cultural sites of Jaipur: 5
Autorickshaw around Jaipur for a day: 4-5
Tourist day pass on Delhi Metro: 2.20
Train Delhi-Agra: 10 or 20 1st class
Bottle of beer: 1-2
Written by Catherine Mack
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