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Never tried sea kayaking? Give it a go. Always wanted to go on a canopy walk above a jungle? Why the heck not. Mountain biking on actual mountains? Snorkelling over coral reefs? Zip-wiring, climbing, rafting or kiting? If you've always wanted to throw yourself into every second of your vacation then a multi activity break allows you to do just that, and then some.
One of the fundamental benefits of a multi activity vacation is that you can try something different every day. This means you can dip your toe in without being tied to one sole activity that you may or may not enjoy. Who knows, you may even discover a new hobby or interest that you'll be able to focus on further once you get home. France, Portugal, Mongolia, Nepal. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do; this is where things get exciting, so hold onto your bum bags, we're going in!
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Go on a multi activity vacation if...

  • ... you have a sense of adventure. Being adventurous isn't just about exploring the Amazon or scaling the peaks of Everest, it's about doing things that you've never done before and having fun in the process.
  • ... you don't mind being flexible. All sorts of factors will change an active itinerary and if you're willing to listen to the advice of guides and look for the silver lining around every cloud then you're bound to get much more from your multi activity vacation.
  • ... you fancy trying different activities every day. Multi activity vacations let you chuck yourself into something new on a daily basis as opposed to purely focusing on one particular pursuit for an entire week. Cooking, dancing, snorkelling, sailing; you name it and you can do it.

Don't go on a multi activity vacation if...

  • ... you'd rather spend all day on a beach towel. There's plenty to be said for blissful sunny days spent at the beach but if thats all you're dreaming of then perhaps you should knit your cloth accordingly. Balancing free time and relaxation with a choice of activities is, we reckon, an exciting antidote to beach boredom.
  • ... you're only interested in one specific activity. If you're all about the mountain biking or there's nothing that you want to do other than hike or kayak then a milti activity vacation may just not be for you. We do offer plenty of other, more specific, activity tours out there to give you a more focused vacation.

Things to do on an activity vacation


Things to do...

Kayaking, surfing and sailing are great ideas for activity vacations spent on the coast with Croatia, Costa Rica and Wales offering a veritable feast for those who love to be all at sea. Swapping the ocean for inland waterways is also a fantastic option and from the fast-flowing rivers of the Ardche to the calmer waters of Montenegros Lake Skadar, water-based activities will bring you closer to nature than you'd ever dared to imagine.

There are loads of reasons to go on a multi activity vacation, with land-based options upping the ante when it comes to variety. Turkey, for example, has an abundance of biking, trekking and climbing potential, with equally impressive activities to be found further afield amongst the jungles of Costa Rica. Finally, the ever awesome French Alps is another versatile location with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter versus high ropes, hiking and mountain climbing once snows have thawed.

Jungle treks in northern Thailand; cycling and trekking in Oman; mountain biking, abseiling and paragliding in the Himalayas; if you're up for trying anything once then the world's your oyster when it comes to adventure activities. A multi activity adventure vacation is one way to try something new in somewhere amazing so throw caution to the wind and see where your wildest dreams dare to take you.

Things not to do...

Forget to listen to instructions. Safety helmets only look uncool if they're left sitting back at base and if you think ignoring instructions in favour of your hairstyle is sensible then you've really got to get out more. Buoyancy aids, harnesses and general guidance on safety all need to be adhered to and it doesn't matter whether you've been enjoying activity vacations all your life, the first time you stop listening to instructions could well be the last.

Overthink it. We can all come up with a huge list of excuses why we can't do something and if you consider all the things that could go wrong whilst traveling then it's inevitable that fear will start to creep in. By putting yourself in the hands of experts you're acting responsibly and if you listen to instructions and ensure positives outweigh negatives there's no reason why you can't do anything you put your mind towards. Go for it!

Opt for shoestring alternatives. Although you might be down to the bare bones budget wise its seriously inadvisable to opt for a super cheap alternative when it comes to your safety and well-being. Of course, not all low budget activity operators are going to put your life in danger and no way should you stop yourself undertaking independent activities; however, just make sure you've taken every step possible to ensure your trip is as memorable as possible for all the right reasons.
Written by Chris Owen
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