Over 50’s vacation tips


Be brave

Amanda Marks, managing director of our supplier, Tribes Travel: “Don’t be afraid, be brave and go for it. I haven’t ridden a horse for about 30 years. I became scared. Then I saw a brochure about horse riding in the wilds of Namibia. I knew I had to do that, so I am now re-learning to ride. It might be a year before I feel strong enough and confident enough to take the Namibia trip, but I will do it. Not only will I have the joy of the vacation, but I’m already revelling in my renewed love of horse riding. Travel offers you experiences that are very well worth making an effort for.”
John Beswetherick, from our supplier Tikalanka tours:“You can have profound and life-affirming experiences traveling at any age, especially when you engage with local people. I met Pathi by chance in Sri Lanka and now we are best mates and business partners. Brother Sobhana chatted to me at a Buddhist temple in Burma and now he is a close friend who blessed us at our wedding. Open up to new experiences and it may change your life!”

No maximum age
for adventure

Andrew Appleyard from our supplier, Exodus Travels:

“A large proportion of our clients at Exodus are in their 50s and they are not taking the softer cultural trips but tend to be serious hikers and bikers looking for challenges and a different way of seeing a country. Age is just a number and I personally have found the company of the 50s to 60s group fantastic. They have many stories to tell and past travel experiences to share and they are in the company of likeminded travelers.”

Going solo

Amanda Marks, managing director of our supplier, Tribes Travel:
“A tip for solo travelers – people everywhere are always friendlier than you imagine. You just need to take the leap of faith to travel where you want to go, then people will inevitably share their love of their country with you.”

New decade, new experiences

Catherine Mack, guide author at Uneasy no settle and 50-something travel writer: “I am blessed with my job, because I find myself constantly taking on challenges on my travels that I might not have even attempted in my 20s. I am not into triathlons or super adrenaline sports. But being pushed out of my comfort zone, with the helping hand and encouraging smile of an expert guide, is something that I hope to continue doing throughout my 50s, 60s, 70s… as long as I can still swim, kayak, hike, cycle and smile at the end of it all. And that goes for sharing new cultures too. I find it easier to speak with people whose language I don’t share now that I have a bit of life experience behind me. If I just show a mother pictures of my kids, that opens up a whole world of joyful communication. You just have to take that first step, learn a few basic words and you’re off.”

Tips from our Over 50’s travelers


To anyone thinking of booking a similar trip I would give this advice - go for as long as you can, do as much as you can and if like me and my husband you are in your sixties make sure you are as fit as you can be before you go. We had a month of 6am starts and activities on many days until 10pm so it was tiring and you need to be pretty fit to snorkel from a rubber boat twice a day as we did in the Galapagos... It was definitely one to tell the kids and grandkids about ad infinitum!!
Mary Lee on a tailor made Galapagos cruise trip
“Having never undertaken an activity vacation (and both in our sixties) being encouraged and guided by 2 consummate professionals gave us a chance to try things never done before….If you don't take regular exercise be prepared to push yourself a little - but there is no pressure to do so and Craig and Xania are well able to gauge what you can and can't do. They don't make you feel inadequate if you don't try or complete all the activities. An amazing experience and it has given us an incentive to consider how we become fitter, eat more vegetarian dishes and how invigorating it is to try new things. Never too late to try!”
- Veronica Thompson on our Croatia vacation, activity week

“Go for it! My other half doesn't cycle routinely and she was fine (we're both late fifties and averagely fit). If your legs get tired you can always walk for a bit and in any case you'll want to stop, look & take photos quite a bit. If you want an interesting vacation with some activity then this is for you. As well as this, the surroundings, food and wine are just great.”
- Paul Millner on our Catalonia self guided cycling vacation, Spain
I am in my 50s and I found the pace excellent - no more than 3 nights anywhere - arrive - shower/rest - orientation walk then choose your activities and what a great diversity of activities. I found it stimulating and fun. The guide took all the hassle out of it. He gave us guidelines on costs, he showed us the best value for money places to eat in the location and doing activities as a group meant not only was it sociable, but we got good deals. I enjoyed spending time with people from all over the world
- Hazel Durbridge on a North India cultural tour
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Written by Catherine Mack
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