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There is some question over the etymology of the word honeymoon. Pessimists say it comes from the fact that the first month of marriage is the happiest. Optimists bring more sweet and sensual metaphors into the debate. There is no debating the fact that Sri Lanka is a place where couples can celebrate the spiritual, natural and sensual aspects of their marriage, with tailor made honeymoons to fit all desires, be it climbing the iconic Sigiriya Rock at dawn one day or whale watching the next. Hiking in a rainforest, blissing out at the beach or going on a leopard safari. Sri Lanka is a perfect marriage of both cultural and natural gems, and you can even arrange to have a bespoke wedding here too, in traditional Sri Lankan style. And the icing on the wedding cake? Ayurvedic spas at every turn. Pessimists need not apply - Sri Lanka honeymoons are as sexy as it gets.

Is a honeymoon in Sri Lanka for you?

Uneasy no settle recommends

Go on honeymoon in Sri Lanka if

... culture and cuisine make a happy marriage in your life. Some people will travel to Outer Mongolia for culture, but probably not with fine food in mind. Sri Lanka will get your gastric juices flowing.
... you like the idea of being immersed in Ayurveda massages and treatments. Perfect for post-wedding de-stressing.
... you like the idea of a bit of a wild honeymoon. The wildlife here is extraordinary, from elephants to leopards, whales to sloth bears. And the birdlife is a gift to lovebirds out there.
... you practise Buddhism, or are interested to learn more about it. Over 70 percent of the population is Buddhist, with revered Buddhist trails and thousands of monasteries.

Dont go on honeymoon in Sri Lanka if...

... you are celebrating a same sex marriage or civil partnership. Its up to you, but homosexuality is illegal and, as recently as January 2017, the government rejected requests to reverse this.
... you want sunshine in the south in June-August, which is peak wedding season in many countries. Its monsoon season on the island. Head to northern Sri Lanka, however; its quiet and monsoon free.
... you are on a tight budget. Sri Lanka hasnt gone down the backpacker route like lndia or Thailand.
... you want to save money by staying in an all inclusive resort but you also like the idea of supporting an economy so badly hit by the 2004 tsunami. If you want to do the latter, stay local, do local and eat local.

Best time to go on honeymoon in Sri Lanka


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When working out the best time to go on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka, youll want to avoid the monsoon in the south, which is May-July. However, most people choose their wedding date before they work out the climate of their desired honeymoon destination. So, rest assured that there are always glorious options in Sri Lanka. The north, for example, has its monsoon Oct-Jan, so those classic wedding months are bliss-at-the-beach time. If you want to see blue whales, early March is your month. And if you just want to hang out in an Ayurveda retreat, who cares if there are rainstorms?
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Written by Catherine Mack
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